Praise for Pink Collar Blue: A Story of Love and Politics

“Fiction” In his spare time, Haas has written his first novel …  It’s titled “Pink Collar Blue,” and it features Arland Thomas. He’s an idealist with a bachelor’s degree from Yale, a law degree from Harvard and a hankering for political office — in other words, the same credentials as author Haas carries.”
“some clever politicking”
“…the plot sort of jumps the shark … things take a chaotic turn. But in the end, the mayor bears up and carries on.”
 “St. Louis readers may like the local tone.”
“Prudish readers may find the sex scenes too explicit.”
 “The tale has high points.”

– above quotes from a book review in the        St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“A fun read. A good book, I enjoyed my time getting to know the characters. Some similarities to Bill’s life- yes- but that’s a good story. Anxiously waiting Bill’s next book.”     – Priscilla Case, hair and makeup stylist to the stars.

“I was captivated by the political intrigue woven into Bill Haas’s first novel. The politician was one we all dream of electing: honest and idealistic, yet pragmatic enough to get the job done!”     – Jo Ann Karll, attorney and former Missouri State Representative, House of Representatives 1990-1993

“I couldn’t stop turning the pages. Much to enjoy!”    – Iconic KMOX reporter.

“Fine story and fine writing. I wish it were longer.”     – Beloved veteran St. Louis newsman and media personality.

A refreshing optimism and vision for urban politics.

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